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#04 – The Sundering: Fail Dozing

Episode 4 for The Sundering is now available.  Xia, Ray and Ceraphus dish on Warcraft, Starcraft and everything in-between!  Hear some Awkward WoW Moments!, Check out some News!, Hear Rayfyst talk about his trials and tribulations in the Cataclysm Beta!

And Much Much More!  See the additional show notes…

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Guild Leaders by Annexia & Psynister

Ceraphus’s matchup vs Asros with GolathWoW watching

Addon Bodega

  • DXE – Raid Warning Mod
  • IceHud – Heads up display addon
  • Xperl – Unitframe replacement mod

Cataclysm listed on Amazon for $39.99 pre-order

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