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#21 – The Sundering: Booze Round Table

Holy crap we made it to a huge milestone!  Episode 21! I know what you are thinking, many shows celebrate episode 25, or 50, even 100, but 21 is huge, we are finally old enough to buy booze!  To celebrate we decided to have a Booze Round Table with our friends at Leetsauced & Brandon Rowher of Brando Extravaganzo.

We started off talking about Warcraft, then several minutes went by and we were all over the map, it was a drunken hot mess.

We talk about best and worst heroics, what everyone is up to, what the most over and underpowered classes.  We discuss 4.1. predictions and that pretty much then morphs into our FU segment and our Randomness where we eventually talk about movies, TV, comics and how Jeph Loeb is going to destroy super hero TV shows

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