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#24 – The Sundering: Beat Box

Why call the episode Beat Box?  Well our guest Jibbs suggested it early on, and well I didn’t have any better ideas.  Of course we could have done the whole 24, Jack Bauer cliche, but I didn’t want to subject you to such obvious jokes.  Well Rayfyst and Xia are absent from this episode, but Jibbs is along to help me keep the whole thing on the up and up, not sure we succeeded, probably not, and I am pretty sure its a train wreck.

We go over  what we have been doing in game, then get right into the news, with some good discussion on the new Called to Arms system Blizzard is implementing.  Of course we get some F-OFFs off our chest.  We make some 4.3 predictions, we talk Gamer Fuel.  Things heard while raiding, and more random questions!  Off topic discussions galore, and who is “Clyde Kent”?  All this and more in Episode 24!

Check out Massive Lan – an event hosted by our guest Jibbs!

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