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#26- The Sundering: Zombies and Toilet Paper

The gang is back for a fun filled episode 26.  We recorded a few days earlier due to the pending holiday over the weekend, so not much news, but what news there was we added our own special brand of Sundering Pizzaz!  The gang goes over what we have been up to lately, with Ray rising in the Minecraft underworld and Xia becoming the next great Zombie writer.

We touch on the upcoming Noblegarden holiday in game, touch briefly on 4.1 and when we think it will come out.  Then we get into a topic I see going on all the time and thats Is WoW Too Hard? too Easy? Just Right? We also discuss the possibility of putting WoW TCG into the game and would that entice us to play the card game?

Of course we are back telling people to FOFF, more ridiculous future patch predictions, talk about our most recent “Gamer Fuel”, read some quotes from our guild’s raiding, you won’t believe some of the things that get discussed during Phalanx of Nod raids!  Also more random Q&A, and of course our popular Off-Topic conversation.

Its an episode filled with laughs, toilet paper, plenty of Zombies, and a dash of Warcraft in only the way The Sundering can bring it to you!  So sit back, relax and enjoy the insanity.

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