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#27 – The Sundering: Starting to Smell Bad

Episode 27 of The Sundering is here, though we are missing one of our threesome, Xia.  But no worries, Ray and Ceraphus get down…not really.

Listen as they explore, what they have been up to with a somewhat special announcement from Ray.  Hear about their guild hitting level 25!

Then they dive into some brief Starcraft 2 news with news on the next Starcraft 2 expansion!  They talk about Patch 4.1 and patch 4.2.  Also listen to some bold predictions for future patches!  More F-U’s though Ray is in a chipper mood, so his was a reverse F-U?

More gamer fuel, random Q&A, things heard during raiding, and a ton of off-topic.  Also listen as Ray describes how bad he smells.

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