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#40 – The Sundering: Haterade on Judgement Day

We talk about Diablo 3 Auction House, Mists of Pandaria, and why Xia hates pandas, possibly using WoW gold to buy game time?  Cuddly pet fights.  This episode is full of judging, tons of hate and judging.  Its a ridiculous setup for our 40th episode.  We do our WoW casting call segment once more.  We find out Ray doesn’t really know the game he is playing, and much much more.

Bloopers – We talk about Logan from Leetsauced “stache”, drinking 40s, tweeting, little behind the scenes of how the sundered sausage is made, Xia going on singing fits including her new hit single, Ray has a stinky ass, Xia talks about bringing stuff to Blizzcon. Tracy Morgan impressions, how to be creepy, and Ray burps.

Middle of the episode we have even have an anatomy lesson

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