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#42 – The Sundering: Bacon on Body Parts

Episode 42 is living large with our guest Megadeath who is a member of Xia, Ray and Ceraphus’s guild, Phalanx of Nod, and a guest poster on  We talk about bacon on body parts, mostly bazooms.  We have a patch 4.3 discussion blowout!  Cross realm dungeon finder, Blizzard writing contest and much more!  We cast Arthas in the Warcraft movie.  We have tons of random questions from our twitter friends @turtleowlman, @travisinNC and @mukluk_rocks.  We also got a ton of questions from guildies as well.  Xia’s favorite segment, FoFF!  TLDR, dungeon and raiding tips, yeah this is good stuff this week.  Do not miss this show, its 90% ridiculous 5% crap and 5% epic.

For the love of God Blizzard, please put Ceraphus in a think tank already!

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