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#46 – The Sundering: Acting Like a Honey Badger

As the Sundering recovers from Ray’s pseudo-meth lab in the previous episode where he mixes it up with soap and buffalo sauce, we get Xia back, though she was an hour late, but its ok, because she don’t give a shit!  Just like the honey badger.  Episode 46 we talk some wow news like WoW Magazine cancelled, Blizzcon pre-sale going on,Druid, Mage and Shaman T13 out, and the Rogue Legendary in Patch 4.3.  Have no fear it wasn’t all business, we got some FOFFs in, some TLDR tips, gamer fuel, another WoW movie casting call for Anduin Wrynn.  Along with Xia’s favorite Random Questions!  Also stay tuned until the end to hear Ray pee!

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