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#48 – The Sundering: Palpatining

Oh good lord we are all back, some not feeling well, but we keep on drinking.  Bunch of drunk fush, and what the F is up with Ceraphus’s mic in the second half,get some bass control you son of a…anyway we digress we have a full episode of awesome for you.  We have 4.3 news on how to oust inactive guild leaders, raid finder, season 11 pvp sets, new 5 man dungeon loot, Blizzcon 2011, and all your favorite segments.  FoFFs, TLDR Tips, Gamer Fuel, Ridiculous Patch Predictions, and Random Q&A with a special question from Oestrus

We dish on Tirion Fordring, and who should play him in the WoW movie, with suggestions from friends @Annexia and @SuicidalZebra

Our new segment Random Internet Crap

Also we have a short bumper regarding the Stopies over at go check out podcast awards for the rest of us!

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> Listener’s Choice: Best Podcast: The Sundering
> Best Ensemble Cast: The Sundering
> Best Supporting Podcaster:  <Pick any one Xia, Ray, Ceraphus>
> Best News Coverage: The Sundering
> Most Obscure: The Sundering
> Most Profane: Xia from The Sundering
> Biggest Douche: Ceraphus or Ray from The Sundering
> Most Drunk: Ceraphus or Ray from The Sundering
> Shortest Temper: Ceraphus
> Best Format & Structure: The Sundering

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