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#49 – The Sundering: Ghostcrawler Gave Me Crabs

Episode 49, we inch closer to Blizzcon and we continue our coverage of patch 4.3, including Mogging changes, new pets, raid finder changes and of course the new Blizzcon app!  But what would a Sundering episode be without FoFFs, TLDR tips, Gamer Fuel, Ridiculous Future Patch Predictions and much much more.  Listen to the gang go off on more wild Tangents about farting and push to talk, and what Xia wants Ghostcrawler to do, hint its in the title.  This is a strange and fun episode, check it out

Ray provided us with our RIC (Random Internet Crap) of the week:

We received an updated bumper regarding the Stopies over at go check out podcast awards for the rest of us!

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> Listener’s Choice: Best Podcast: The Sundering
> Best Ensemble Cast: The Sundering
> Best Supporting Podcaster:  <Pick any one Xia, Ray, Ceraphus>
> Best News Coverage: The Sundering
> Most Obscure: The Sundering
> Most Profane: Xia from The Sundering
> Biggest Douche: Ceraphus or Ray from The Sundering
> Most Drunk: Ceraphus or Ray from The Sundering
> Shortest Temper: Ceraphus
> Best Format & Structure: The Sundering

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