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#52 – The Sundering: Clam Slam

We are joined by actress, guild leader, Foam Weapon League orchestrator, future Lady Sylvanas, and the woman who told me on twitter Fush was a dirty lobster bathrub”, Michele Morrow!  We even let her name the episode!

We talk Darkmoon Faire, Mega Damage vs Item Squish, and Guardian cubs.  We get into the reverse of tea bagging, tipping, living in LA.

Also the long awaited return of Xia’s Girl on Girl segment where she goes one on one with Michele.  Ceraphus and Ray may jump in here and there.

Of course we have more FOFFs, where you get to hear Michele go off, its great, she caught onto these segments faster than Ray!  We even got 2 FOFFs from twitter folk @noelove and @criamond!

We get into TLDR gaming tips, ridiculous future patch predictions, Gamer Fuel and of course Random Q&A with all questions submitted by listeners!

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Also listen to Michele get upset with Ray for not watching the Goonies.

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