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#55 – The Sundering: Two Grand

This episode we are joined by our guest Milty, who picks up where he left off on Stopcast, by trying to woo Xia via mannequins and other strange objects in his apartment.  Also all hell is about to break loose because Ceraphus figured out how to get a soundboard working, yup the podcast officially is in the crapper now.  And if you are running out of insults to tell kids on XBOX Live, well we got you covered.

Fear not, because before the show gets completely off track we do cover a few bits of news!

Then we get into the good stuff, FOFFs from the community, TLDR gaming tips, ridiculous future WoW patch predictions, gamer fuel, and more Random Q&A.  Oh and find out what Ray would do for 2 grand…yup not just a clever title.

Also here is some random internet crap (RIC)

RIC – Random Internet Crap

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