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#56 – The Sundering: Ask Mr One Upper

Episode 56 special guest Veronica from, sadly Eric and Peter were not able to join us due to patch 4.3 work that needed to be done for the site, but Veronica helps spill the beans on some features coming to the site in the very near future, do I dare say maybe even some world first reveals of features?  I dare!

We send our well wishes to past guest Michele Morrow on her upcoming surgery.

The Sundered News – Updating You on Shit You Probably Already Know

  • Gaming News
  • WoW News
    • Patch 4.3 was deployed on Tuesday
    • Can queue via LFR with Real ID friends, but not too many, can’t form a raid, can only be in a party
    • authenticator bypass now available to opt out, to let you always enter in your code

Interview with Veronica from Ask Mr Robot

  • Patch 4.3
  • The Robot goes Beta
  • Getting out of the app stores
  • Other games
  • What’s Next
  • Also maybe even some world first teasers for new features!


tons of FOFFs, including an audio FOFF from @WoWSolietu on twitter.  We let the rage fly for sure!

Of course we also talk TLDR – Gaming Tips, Ridiculous Future Patch Predictions, Gamer Fuel, and Random Questions

Random Internet Crap

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