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#57 – The Sundering: A Tough Road to Ho

Episode 57 is here, and we are joined by Jeff from RPG Weekly.  We figured we are going off the rails, so lets bring someone in the podcasting community who is worth a damn down with us.  And we did just that.

Jeff thought he would be able to escape the Skyrim talk on his show and focus on something else on ours…but every time he thinks he’s out, they pull him back in.

The Sundered News

  • Gaming News
    • New XBOX Live Dashboard
    • SWTOR early access this week
  • WoW News
    • Warcraft Battle Chest – $5, includes vanilla and BC, Wrath $10 Catalysm $20, get all ramped up for $35! on sale at blizzard store
    • Epic PvP Gems for Conquest Points
    • Race to World First & LFR Loot Exploit & penalties
    • People complaining about the cost of items at the Faire vs the tickets you can earn

FOFFs – Where we tell people to Fuck Off

Gaming – Have you ever noticed – a random observation on gaming in general

Gamers & Geeks Holiday Shopping Suggestions – What we suggest for those looking to buy for their geeks this holiday season?

TLDR Obvious Gaming Tips that Most People Don’t Know but Should

Ridiculous Future Patch predictions!

Gamer Fuel

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Random Q&A

Questions submitted by Noelove, The Pooparazi, Vahete, Milty, Gnomewar, yayitsforresst, WoWSolietu

Guest: Jeff P from RPG Weekly
RPG Weekly:

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