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#58 – The Sundering: Rag on a Stick

Episode 58, with the crew from Stopcast.  With 2 shows all about ridiculousness, combine their powers and it just turns into a cluster.  But in a good way!

This is our special Festivus episode, we have the airing of grievances and the feats of strength.  Plus all the other good stuff.

The Sundered News

Airing of Grievances – Special FOFFs

  • Special audio FOFF from BGO from 5 WoW things
  • Along with a ton of FOFFs from all our guests and hosts

Festivus Feats of Strength – tell a holiday story then the next person has to 1 up it, see who wins!

Gaming – Have you ever noticed – a random observation on gaming in general, TLDR Obvious Gaming Tips that Most People Don’t Know but Should, Ridiculous Future WoW Patch predictions, Gamer Fuel

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Random Q&A w/questions from That Ghoul Ava, Foresst, Nicki, The Pooparazi, MarthapieAML2285

And we have an email from Vik






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