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#60 – The Sundering: Beaten with a Tree Limb

First episode of the new year, we count down to the end of the world thanks to this site:  And along for the ride is The Big Game Over, AKA BGO from 5 WoW Things.  We help Ray through doing lines…maybe not, but close enough to get our first episode of the new year into your hands.  Its a hot mess where we talk about WoW, Diablo, SWTOR, Rift, and Stripper Buffets!  Its pretty glorious.  Xia even wraps up the episode with a haiku, thats just bonus for you!

Our top headlines tonight are….

    • Weapon Transmogrification Stats
  • 62% of the top 5 items are from Burning Crusade.

FOFFs from Xavar, Brewmaster Wansu, Vik, The Pooparazi, WoW Solietu and of course us and our guest

We talk 5 things to do before the coming apocalypse, with insight from WoW Solietu and The Pooparazi

Some TLDR gaming tips for us and our guest including 1 from Vik

Then we have some ridiculous and maybe even helpful future patch predictions from us, and from WoW Solietu, Bewmaster Wansu, and Vik

Gamer Fuel, always a staple with Vik chiming in

And finally, our Random Q&A with questions from Nikki, Bryterside, The Pooparazi, and WoW Solietu

Thought that was everything we tackle an email sent by Xaviar!  Thanks dude for sending it our way.

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