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#62 – The Sundering: The Shower’s Pregnant

We are joined this week by our fellow guildmate, Nirrel, aka gnomewar on twitter.  We talk about SOPA, why it sucks, to XBOX 720, PS4, WOW, SWTOR, chubby things, and much more.  Towards the end as the alcohol kicks in, the show takes a strange turn, not quite as bad as the intro but still strange.

Our top headlines tonight are….

Of course we have FOFFs, we talk about Ceraphus’s movie poster dilemna, find out more about good movies Rayfyst has not see, TLDR Gaming Tips, Gamer Fuel, Future Patch predictions, random Q&A, your emails and more!

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Also more haikus by Xia!

Our Words for this episode:

Recap of our “Words”

  • Cleave from Gaatix
  • Snog from @R0xsey
  • docking from @redhawks_mmo
  • Vattis from @Pelorite

Guest: Nirrel

  • Twitter: @gnomewar

Find me on twitter: @rayfyst

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twitter: @itsxia

The Sundering

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