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#63 – The Sundering: Air Freshener and Old Crotch

This week we are without Xia, but no worries, Ray answers the age old question…does he have friends.  Surprisingly the answer is yes!  We bring along Amy and Jimmy for what is probably our worst episode to date, ok maybe not as bad as episode 2..or was it 6…I can’t remember.

Our top headlines tonight are….

  • Gaming News
    • SOPA Sponsor pulls support for Bill SOPA all but dead
    • PIPA on the ropes, many senators pull back from it
    • Diablo 3 to get system changes, stats getting simplified, no more scrolls of identification and more
    • Zynga losing $150 on every paying customer, spent more last year aquiring new folks than it made
  • SWTOR News
    • Gamespot reports SWTOR cost $200 million to make
  • WOW News
    • MOP apparently progressing very fast per Blizzard
    • Dragon Soul difficulty progressively getting nerfed but you can turn it off

Of course we have FOFFs, Ridiculous Future Patch Predictions, TLDR gaming tips, Gamer Fuel, Random Internet Crap, Random Questions and much more.  Ray answers what movies he has and hasn’t seen, we name is diseased foot, and Amy talks about ball gags.  Oh who am I kidding it was a great time!

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Guest: Amy & Jimmy

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  • Amy XBOX Live: Vixen Valentine
  • Jimmy XBOX Live: Turtle Owl Man


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The Sundering

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