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#65 – The Sundering: Flossing Raptor

We recorded this one a bit early because of the Super Bowl, but its still relevant or irrelevant depending on how you look at it.

Our top headlines tonight are….

  • Gaming News
  • SWTOR News
    • Bioware announced guild summit in Austin March 4-6 by invite only
    • 1.7 million subscribers to SWTOR
    • Community demanded it so Bioware will provide guild banks
  • WOW News
    • Mists of Pandaria press tour March 13-15, so more news soonish
    • Cross Realm Raids with Real ID

Plus FOFFs, Movies for Ray, TLDR, Gamer Fuel, and much more.

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Thanks to everyone who submitted content on such a short week, very much appreciated your contributions to the show!


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The Sundering

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