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#66 – The Sundering: Roman Coconut


The gang is back for another week, back to recording at our usual time.  Between people eating, melting hands, burping, Molten Core, one more quest, shweet beer, and much more, we aren’t quite sure the show that did come out, but its a show none the less.

Our top headlines tonight are….

  • Random World News
    • Jack in the Box has bacon flavored milkshake.  However its bacon flavored syrup, there is no real bacon in this milkshake, thats not bacon, thats lies!
  • Gaming News
    • Mass Effect 3 Facebook App –
    • Blizzard mentioned to expect Diablo 3 in the 2nd Quarter, so April maybe?
    • Steam Transaction History compromised between 2004 & 2008
      • Received user names, email, encrypted billing address and credit cards
      • Nothing to worry about but keep an eye out
    • Microsoft experimenting with tablet controllers for next XBOX according to rumors
      • may push cost of console to over $500
    • Star Wars Kinect coming in April!
  • SWTOR News
    • 1.2 to feature guild banks, Updates to the Legacy system, including unlocking species for existing classes.  sounds like they also may try to incentivize folks to try the other faction
  • WOW News
    • WOW only lost 100K subscribers in the 4th quarter
    • March 19th more MoP news

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Of course there are FOFFs, TLDR, Patch Predictions, Random Questions, content from the community, ridiculous facts with Ray and much more.


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The Sundering

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