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#67 – The Sundering: Hiccups and Upton

We are back with another episode for the week.  Ray has the hiccups, Cer and Xia talk randomly about Kate Upton, somehow the whole episode just comes together, literally…sort of, ok that sounds wrong…

Our top headlines tonight are….

  • Gaming News
    • Angry Birds 2 – In Space?  March 22
    • Mass Effect 3 Demo – go play it!
  • SWTOR News
    • SWTOR hitting Austrailia & Asia on March 1
    • Jinx launched SWTOR shirts
    • Senior Writer for SWTOR has left Bioware to pursue other interests
  • WOW News
    • Heart of the Aspects Mount available on the Blizzard store for $25
      • Made Blizzard over $1M in 1 day
    • Blizzard signed deals for Warcraft Monopoly & Starcraft Risk board games.  Monopoly available in May at specialty stores & Risk will be sometime in the summer
    • Strong indications that Mists of Pandaria alpha testing has begun, because devs are showing screen shots of not yet implemented spells

RIC – Random Internet Crap

Of course we have plenty of FOFFs, TLDR, Patch Predictions and more!


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