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#69 – The Sundering: Gotta Try the Yogurt

Episode 69, its a milestone for some.  For us we just like the number.  So to celebrate we tackle some of the strangest news stories yet because well there wasn’t much gaming news this past week.  Thats ok, because the Sundering crew is here to entertain.

Our top headlines tonight are….

  • Random World News
    • Man Sentenced 2 years for semen tainted yogurt
    • Lawsuit: College Roommate Had too Much Sex
  • Gaming News
    • ME3
  • SWTOR News
    • Patch 1.2 will finally let you dance with your companion…are you fucking kidding me?
  • WOW News
    • MOP New Stats (Power, Defense) losing Resilience & Spell Pen
    • 600 people laid off at Blizz

Discussion Topic

What game property do you want to see be made into a MMO, that isn’t one currently

Also wanted to link Rigarmorty’s Podcast, go take a listen!\


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