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#70 – The Sundering: Is That Cat Dead?

Another fun filled episode with The Sundering crew.  We talk Mass Effect 3, WOW, SWTOR, and plenty of other crap to fill a 2 hour void in your life.  But hey we think you enjoy it anyway.  We have some random internet crap for you this week.  Our FOFFs turn nasty as we focus in on some people who are not so nice to our buddy Rayfyst!

Our top headlines tonight are….

  • Random World News
    • Woman Stalked by Godzilla
    • 2 Men Sentenced in Weekend at Bernies Copy Cat
  • Gaming News
    • XBOX to drop Hard Drive in Next Console?
    • Diablo 3 PVP Arena postponed for future patch, Blizz didn’t want to delay the PVE portion of the game
  • SWTOR News
    • 1.2 will have guild banks, expanded Legacy system, new warzones, operations, more customizable UI
  • WOW News
    • in Mists of Pandaria spreading the buffs/debuffs around a bit more, to help more on focusing on bringing the player not the class

Discussion Topic
Next Gen Consoles killing the used game market?  Is this the right way or the wrong way?

RIC – Random Internet Crap


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