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#72 – An Eagle’s Head attached to a Hamster

Ah another week, with tons of Mists of Pandaria beta action, guess who got into the beta, it may not be who you think!  We dish on the changes, we also have a ton of people cursing up a storm, seems like no one had a good week.  But thats ok, because your rage fuels us, and the FUs this week are truly epic.  We also are joined by last week’s guest Janaelle from 5 WoW Things, she helped us pre-game before we kicked into an even lower gear.

Our top headlines tonight are….

Discussion Topic:  Mists of Pandaria – What are you looking forward to, what features do you think are cool. What are you disappointed in, what is missing?

Also Random Internet Crap

We Want to thank everyone who submitted a FOFF, discussion point, letter, used jizz towel to our show tonight:

  • Rustee – from Slash 2 podcast
  • Pantysnawad
  • Giggidee – from Flix U Off podcast
  • Mukluk
  • BGO – from 5 WoW Things
  • Noahdeer
  • Bryterside from Stopcast
  • Mike from Stopcast
  • Vik from Leetsauced
  • Quori
  • Amy / Emmence
  • Scrototems


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