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#74 – Smarter than the Internet

Episode 74 is here and we are joined by Mallory (aka Podcastitute) from Heals and Headshots podcast.  We talk poop, doing strange things with wii remotes, how we want to die, why Ray is getting banned from online gaming and much more.  Oh its another cluster of a show, Cer is on meds, Ray is drinking, and Xia well, its Xia!  Xia is in for Maxim Gamer Girl, go vote for her!

Our top headlines tonight are….

Random Internet Crap

Thanks to everyone who submitted something for this week!

  • Solietu
  • Mukluk
  • Rigarmorty
  • Porkchopp
  • Giggidee
  • Kawoncire
  • Riku
  • Zerophoenix
  • BGO
  • Forresst
  • Kormus
  • Spencer
  • Janaelle
  • Twizzletank
  • Eric Novak
  • Sajaglo


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The Sundering

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