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#76 – Do Work On Em

Holy crap, we had our first live show, if you missed it, you missed the biggest train wreck yet.  However we had Vik from Leetsauced jump in as a surprise guest to share the burden of our massive cluster.  We had a lot of fun in the chatroom, even Xia, even though she was booted out of her own chatroom for being too raunchy!  That’s our girl, always the lady.

We get to hear the community go off about people being uptight, we have a host of Ask Ray, for probably the most lackluster Ask Ray segment ever.  We may have to do Ask Xia next time.  But hey, we brought good luck to one of our listeners who ACTUALLY won the lottery, all because we told them to go out and play!  How great are we!?

Our top headlines tonight are….

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