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#77 – Make Push Push

2nd Live episode.  This one went much smoother, its almost like we know what we are doing…almost.  We added in 2 new segments this week, Bottom 5 and Craigs List Confidential!  Will see how that goes.  Also tons of audio submitted by folks and of course people interacting on the forums for the discussion topics, FOFFs, questions, Ask Ray and much more.  The after show was interesting, where we may or may not talk about crapping on someone’s front lawn.  No promises.  The folks who came out in the chatroom, thanks again!  You all are fantastic!

Our top headlines tonight are….

Discussion Topic –   Which Celebrity would you bang living or dead?

Bottom 5 – States for taking a dump in
5. West Virginia – do we really need to explain why?
4. Minnesota – basically anywhere near Mike from Stopcast’s house
3. Ohio
2.  New Jersey
1.  New York

RIC – Random Internet Crap

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Thank everyone who submitted a FOFF, discussion topic, ask ray, random Q&A to our show tonight

  • Giggidee
  • Pantysnawad
  • Quori
  • Solietu
  • Joboou
  • BGO
  • Forresst
  • Porkchopp
  • Mortis301
  • Noahdeer
  • ssmith0911
  • Bryterside
  • Dizzy
  • The Hutch

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