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#83 – Derailed


So this episode started off a bit strange, with some echos and what not, but we finally got control of the situation, that is until a listener sent us a link that distracted the hosts, our guest and even the live chatroom. Total cluster, but extremely entertaining all the same!


Discussion Topic –  How has Diablo 3 affected your gaming. Whether you raided in Warcraft, SWTOR, Rift etc. To playing online games with other folks. Has it screwed up raiding? Has it allowed you to branch out? Are you now a Diablo 3 fanboy? What has been your experience with D3?

Random Internet Crap

Guest – Gravelust

Twitter: @gravelust_itsu

twitter: @rayfyst
XBOX Live: Rayfyst
Steam: Rayfyst

Twitter: @ceraphus
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Phalanx of Nod –
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Thanks to everyone who submitted a FOFF, discussion topic, ask ray, random Q&A to our show tonight.

Also big thanks to our chatroom, who provided great distractions during our live show!


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