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#90 – Smurfs vs Snorks

Its our 2nd anniversary show, we had J from Stopcast join us.  We grossed out Xia for parts of the episode.  Pretty sure our guest was uncomfortable as well.  We played some Sundering Game Time for listeners to win some games.  We talked about the Mists of Pandaria release date and some Olympic discussion

Random World News

  • Olympics – Opening ceremony I think had every british stereotype, Mr Bean, Harry Potter, Marry Poppins, Bond

Gaming News

  • Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria, releasing 9/25
    • Standard Edition $39.99
    • Digital Deluxe – $59.99
      • Pet & Mount, Diablo Sigil, SC2 portraits
    • Collector’s Edition – $79.99
      • Pet, Mount, Diablo Sigil, SC2 portraits, Artbook, Soundtrack, Mousepad

Discussion Topic – What’s the worst/craziest food you have ever eaten? Best thing you ever cooked

Random Internet Crap

Contact Information

Guest: J

  • Twitter: @J_Stopcast
  • Podcast: Stopcast


  • twitter: @rayfyst
  • blog:
  • XBOX Live: Rayfyst
  • Steam: Rayfyst
  • League of Legends: Rayfyst



  • Twitter: @itsxia

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