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#94 – Going Down Town

Episode 94, just Ray, Xia and Cer for this one, oh and Ray and Cer have been drinking heavily.  Ray may have been drinking PBR at a hipster brony club before the show.  We talk a bunch of World of Warcraft, we hear about Ray’s trip to the big city, Xia’s fantastic week and much more.  Some Patch 5.0.4 for WoW discussion as well.


This guy knows how to party

Warcraft News

  • Patch 5.0.4 – New limits on Justice Points and Honor
  • WoW Mobile Armory features now all free

Guild Wars 2 Pre-Release going on

  • Check out Ascendants of Ascalon podcast for more GW2 info

Discussion Topic: What Beer Should Xia Try?


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The Show

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2 Comments on #94 – Going Down Town

  1. Sovaine

    Ha, you guys are crazy! The Boobs and Bacon at the end of the last podcast was too much! And totally agree with Xia on the Honey Boo-boo child.

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