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#104 – The Garbage Episode

The gang’s all here its a post Halloween miracle!  We discuss 5.1 and other news, including Star Wars being bought by Disney.  Xia discusses her Halloween costume, and we delve deeper into Ray’s hipster tendencies.  Its just great having the 3 of us back together, since 101, this is the first time we are all back, and boy do we have some catching up to do!


  • While not gaming, Disney buys Lucasfilms for 4B, Episode 7 to be released in 2015 –
  • Cypress Hill Backup singer loses lawsuit against Rockstar games, not the same person in San Andreas -
  • Warcraft – Bonus Reputation for Alt Characters
  • 5.1 Mounts
  • 5.1 – Gear upgrading with valor
  • Heart of Fear raid opened on 10/30, Duality of US-Zuljin first in world to clear it

Discussion Topic: What halloween costumes should the Sundering crew wear/ have worn for halloween? what was your costume

  • Xia suggested Ray where this:

RIC – Random Internet Crap

  • The “Ice Dude” – German man tries to break ice in his skivvies, and fails hilariously –

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