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#105 – Bolted On

Tonight we were joined by the guys from Stopcast, J, Mike and Cyber Bryter, Cyber Bryter you ask?  Well you will just have to listen to find out, we talk a bit about Warcraft, Blizzard’s next MMO, then in true fashion we get totally derailed, we are all over the place, from caves to class action lawsuits this was a ton of fun to record, hope you enjoy it!

Random World News

  • Animal Hording –

Gaming News

  • SWTOR – Going free to play on November 15
  • Warcraft – Regained and Sustaining over 10 million subscribers
  • Warcraft – Class Action Lawsuit over Security –
  • Warcraft – Maine Senator wins race despite being bashed for playing WoW –
  • Warcraft – Blood Legion World First Heroic Heart of Fear (25 man)

Discussion Topic: Blizz’s next MMO. What would you like to see?

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