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#121 – Looks Like Kuato

We are all here, we go off the rails talking about Total Recall in the pre-show.  Then we get a little cutty with folks.  Ustream messes with more folks again.  Cer is drinking, Xia is drinking and Ray is doing something with his abs.  We talk Warcraft, Bioshock, Sim City and much more.

Random World News

Gaming News

  • Konami not bringing Castlevania game to Wii U
  • Blizzard to Announce Something New at PAX East
  • Burning Crusade Replica Weapons!
  • The Patch 5.2 trailer is finally here!( and we had the early scoop!)
  • 5.2 Releasing March 5th
  • 5.2 Dev Interviews Interesting nuggets
    • Dave Kosak & Gamebreaker TV
      • The unannounced feature will be in the last patch of the expansion and give players a lot of new content to play with.
      • The team is being organized to try and avoid having a really long final patch before the next expansion.
      • Patch 5.2 adds better rewards to the scenario bag and Patch 5.3 will add challenges to scenarios that reward bonuses. These will be something like timed runs or other ways to more skillfully complete it.
      • The Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for the Warlock green fire quest will be a rare drop from the new rare spawns, bosses, and mobs on the Isle of Thunder. Later patches will likely increase the drop rate so that unlucky Warlocks will be able to get it.
      • Mists of Pandaria set out to provide lots of things for you to do, but daily quests ended up feeling more mandatory than they wanted. The Patch 5.2 daily quests feel less mandatory.
    • Ion Hazzikostas and Ghostcrawler on Gamebreaker TV
      • Item upgrades returning hasn’t been decided upon yet, but it is unlikely that it will come back for PvP gear. It felt good for players to be able to upgrade their blue gear and have a high enough item level to do heroic dungeons or LFR, but it didn’t feel good trying to figure out how to spend your Valor Points. Partial refunds or transferring upgrades from one item to another are potential solutions. Item upgrades were helpful in allowing guilds to continue progressing by slowly making the players stronger.
      • Tier 14 had a few too many hard DPS checks on Normal difficulty, so in Tier 15 you should beat Normal difficulty by mastering the mechanics, not having a certain amount of DPS.

Discussion Topic: How would you feel if Blizzard allowed Alliance and Horde to play together?

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