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#123 – Hop on the Bacon Train

Tonight, we are without Rayfyst, he is dealing with a pizza emergency on St. Patty’s day, but he could actually be batman, as we spoke to in episode 122, and he is out saving people from making horrible life decisions, or encouraging them to.  Either way we are joined by guest Rho from Realm Maintenance and All Things Azeroth.

Random World News

  • Zombie Worms Get Busy in Whale Bones-

Bacon News

  • Denny’s Baconalia –

Gaming News

  • No Saints Row 4 on Wii U –
  • Warcraft – MMO Champion took a screenshot of a twitter conversation w/ Cory Stockton on Improvements for unlucky rolls coming
  • Warcraft – MMORPG interview with Ghostcrawler revealed a few items
    • New character models are still actively being worked on.  The Dwarf is very pretty.  Pandaren are a good example of how detailed the new models will be.
    • Moving to free to play would require it to be more successful than the current business model, which isn’t the case right now.
    • Work had started on Patch 5.2 and 5.3 before 5.0 even launched.

Discussion Topic: Ghostcrawler’s unannounced feature might be in Patch 5.4 if it is complete in time. As far as a hint goes, “A lot of players have suggested that they be able to do older content, so it is something along those lines”.

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