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#125 – Rolling in Baked Beans

We are joined by Oestrus from the Deck Tease podcast to help us talk about Hearthstone.  We talk trading card games, Patch 5.3, and we introduce a new segment where the guests quiz us.  We are all over the place but while the episode may be long, it was awesome!

Random World News

  • Brazilian Model Breastfeeds Cow -
  • Man Arrested for stealing $200K in Cheese! -

Bacon News

  • Bacon Flavored Condoms -

Gaming News

  • Square Enix President Resigns – Square loses $10 Billion Yen -
  • Wii U Will not get Unreal Engine 4 –
  • Warcraft – 3rd Talent Spec Coming?
    • Clarification:
  • Warcraft Heroic Scenarios

Discussion Point: What are your thoughts on Hearthstone

FOFFs, & Random Facts!


Bacon Potato Cheddar Tart –

Guest: Oestrus

  • Twitter: @originaloestrus
  • Host of The Deck Tease podcast. Writer for 60 Cards –


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