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#134 – Panda Bacon

Ray and Ceraphus talk about patch 5.3, patch 5.4 speculation, a new diet anyone can do, and bacon food trucks!  And Ceraphus built something, something amazing, that will change the Sundering forever, or maybe just this episode!  Our discussion topic this week is how are people spending their valor points with the release of patch 5.3.

 Random World News

  • Masturbation Diet –
  • Burger King Makes People Fatter With the Burger Holder –

Bacon News

  • Bacon Food Trucks Invading Towns Across the US –

Gaming News

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on IPAD –
  • Blizzard Confirms Large Design & Technology Changes for Titan –
  • Armored Bloodwing Mount available on Blizzard Store for $25 –
  • Cory Stockton Interview on Wowjuju –
    • The big unannounced feature will have a cool impact on the game and is something they have been talking about for a long time.
    • Patch 5.4 should be on the PTR fairly soon
    • The Troves of the Thunder King scenario worked out well and the devs will continue to experiment with more things like it in the future.

Discussion Topic: How are you spending your valor?

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