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#142 – 3 Years of this Crap

Its the show’s 3 year anniversary, we have 2 Bacon News items, tons of random world news, lots of gaming news, listener emails, FOFFs, voicemails, clips from past episodes hidden audio of Ray and Cer doing stuff and so much more its mind boggling.  Oh did we mention we have prizes to give away, to the tune of 2 Warcraft mounts, 3 battle pets and a transmog helm!

Bacon News

Random World News

  • UK to ban Porn –

Gaming News

FOFFs, & Random Facts!


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37 Comments on #142 – 3 Years of this Crap

  1. ligerwolf

    LOL this episode was truly worthy of a anniversary show. lot of FOFFs, giveaways, how rayfyst tried to make everything about him, and how he had sex, horse porn, ceraphus chuggin beers down like water(lost count after his 8th beer).

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