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#174 – Medi Motorboats

This week we had Medicakes from Epic Podcast filling in for our fancy fush Xia!  We covered topics like the scramble to pre-order Warlords of Draenor for that instant 90, Warcraft Movie News, Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha, Hearthstone going live and Ceraphus has his usual soapbox segment known as “Bacon News”, and Ray throws in his usual Bird RP nonsense.

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  • Medicakes @medicakes

  • Epic Podcast


  • twitter: @rayfyst

  • XBOX Live: Rayfyst

  • Steam: Rayfyst


  • Twitter: @ceraphus

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  • Other Podcast: Azeroth Pirate Radio
  • XBOX Live: Amish Mafia

  • Steam: Ceraphus


  • Twitter: @itsxia

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