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#196 – Orcs in Space

Tonight’s episode features a lot of Warlords of Draenor news, as we discuss the new cinematic, release date, and other upcoming features of the World of Warcraft expansion. But don’t fret; we keeps things goofy, as we talk bacon news, Foffs, and how orcs actually came from space.  Enjoy!

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Random World News

Gaming News

  • Warcraft
    • And the Release Date is…
      • 11-13-14 (shoulda been 12-13-14 cuz OCD)
    • Warlords of Draenor Cinematic:
    • Lords of War Animated Short by Blizzard
    • Gamescom Info –
      • Raids
        • Raids will open roughly two and a half weeks after the expansion releases. This will give players time to level and enjoy some dungeons and other content before they move on to raiding.
        • Grommash is the final boss! When players get to the Grommash fight, they will see that it is a completely different fight from the Garrosh fight in Siege of Orgrimmar.
        • There will be more than just Orcs in the raids. For example, there will be a heavy Legion influence in the raid that has Grommash Hellscream.
      • Items & Challenge Modes
        • The legendary items (other than the ring) will most likely come from defeating really difficult content.
        • Challenge modes will reward players with transmog weapons for Gold, a mount for Silver, and a title for Bronze.
        • Challenge modes will have a daily quest that can reward Raid Finder quality loot. This will give players a reason to do Challenge modes while they wait for raids to open.
      • Garrisons
        • Depending on what buildings your Garrison has, there will be different relevant content out in the world.
        • If you build the Inn, you will have a dungeon daily quest in the Inn, similar to the Wrath of the Lich King dungeon daily quests.
        • There are four tiers of Garrison missions for your followers, giving followers increased item levels and access to better missions each tier. Eventually you will have access to a mission that rewards raid quality loot every couple of weeks.
    • Giant Warcraft Bird Wins Cosplay Competition
    • Robin Williams to be Memorialized in WoW


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