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#198 – Guppy Time Out

Buckle yourselves in, because episode 198 features lots of gaming news, raunchniess, and general silliness–then again, what else would you expect? We are joined by Tarconus in tonight’s episode, where we talk Pax Prime news and Warlords of Draenor updates, along with Foffs and random questions.  Enjoy!

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  • Warcraft – “Chink in the Armor” Quest
    • Quest Description
    • With the Heart of the Magnaron, we wield a powerful weapon against the Iron Horde.
    • They amass far to the north at the Iron Approach. This will not be easy, but we must seize the opportunity to deal a blow to the Iron Horde while we possess the artifact.
    • We are prepared to depart at your command. Speak with Rangari Rajess when you are ready.

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