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#210 – Tomato Smoothie

Cer and Ray hold down the fort while Xia is off doing something no undoubtedly fancy. On this episode we discuss some Bacon cooking magic for the holidays, some random geeky news along with some upcoming changes to World of Warcraft.  FOFFs, Props & Random Questions and another great Warcraft Tip in our Just the Tip Segment!


Bacon News

Gaming News

  • Warcraft
    • Paragon first to 7/7 Mythic Highmaul
    • DK Creation Requirement Removal
    • Garrison Building – hotfixes Incoming
      • [Still in testing.] Inn: Inn quests can now be completed on the spot without returning back to the Garrison.  AND [Still in testing.] Inn: The achievement, Stay Awhile and Listen now only requires the character to complete 10 of the 20 Inn quests (down from all 20).
      • Barn: Increased the drop rates for Savage Blood from work orders.
      • Dwarven Bunker / War Mill: Work orders now award more Iron Horde Scraps and increased the drop rates for Follower Enhancements.
      • Gladiator’s Sanctum: Characters can now accumulate up to a maximum of 5000 Broken Bones at a time.
      • Salvage Yard: Salvage recovered from a Garrison Mission should now always contain an item.
      • Trading Post: The Savage Friends achievement now only requires the character to become Exalted with 1 Draenor reputation (down from 3).
      • Trading Post (Alliance): The Sha’tari Defense quartermaster now correctly offers the Sky Fry Battle Pet for sale at Revered reputation.

Just The Tip – Warcraft Garrisons



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