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#211 – The Bestivus Festivus

Episode 211 is a Festivus for the rest of us! Tonight we celebrate our annual Festivus episode, featuring airing of our greivences, a battle of wits with the head of the household (in lieu of wrestling) along with our usual zaniness! We also give some things away, discuss upcoming Warlords of Draenor changes, along with giving you a little bacon news.  Enjoy and Merry Festivus!

Bacon News – Bacon News Bumper

Geek News

Gaming News

  • Warcraft
    • Looking ahead to 2015
      • Legendary Follower (with the quest chain)
      • Tweet from inside the game
      • Improved and speedier flight paths
      • Garrison Improvements + Rewards for visiting friends’ garrisons
      • Tradeable Game Time Tokens
      • Heirloom Tab
      • Blackrock Foundry in February-ish


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