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#219 – Humble Bumble

Episode 219 begins with some bizarre news out of Rayfyst’s hometown that involves shovels.  Otherwise, expect our usual FoFF’s, Props and Bacon news. The Sundering crew also tackles what changes they would like to see to the World of Warcraft user interface.

Bacon News – Bacon News Bumper

Show News

Gaming News

  • Heroes of the Storm – More Toys
  • Warcraft
    • 10 Improvements to WoW UI
      • What are our thoughts?
        • Improved “Tab targeting” with the ability to customize monster targeting.
        • An enhanced guild tab so you don’t have to check your guild’s website at all.
        • A tab for Tabards, similar to the Toy Box.
        • Revamped transmogrification.
        • Bank tabs, similar to Guild Wars 2.
        • An achievement search function.
        • An improved world map showing all locations and dungeons.
        • A completed dungeon journal.
        • Improved and faster Garrison animations
        • The ability to open all of our mail simultaneously.
    • Patch 6.1 This Week
      • Apexis upgrades to ilvl 670
      • Next Chapter in the Legendary Ring Quest, which gets you a LEgendary Follower
      • Heirloom Tab
      • Darkmoon Fair Race
      • Quest Visitors in your garrison, World Bosses in your garrison
      • Twitter Integration
      • Blood Elf Model Upgrades
      • Colorblind Support


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