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#242 – Vicious Spincycle

Along with the crew’s usual off-the-walls goofiness, episode 242 features a great deal of discussion regarding Legion, the next expansion for World of Warcraft.  We also have a lots of user submitted responses in regards to the expansion (thanks guys!), and also do our usual FoFFs/Props. Enjoy!

Bacon News

Gaming News

  • New WoW expansion: Legion– Full cinematic will probably be released at Blizzcon, Beta will begin later in the year. Purchase of the expansion will allow 1 character to boost to level 100.
    • (Map)
      • Level cap raised to 110, Dalaran will be the new capital again!
      • Features:
        • New continent: The Broken isles, at the heart of Azeroth. An ancient land, the original homeland of the night elves. The tomb of sargeras will be the source of the demonic invasion.
        •  The Burning Legion has returned, with Illidan, and Guldan taking center stage. Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon (from warcraft 2) are back!
      • New Hero class: Demon Hunters
        • The illidari: Sent through a portal by Illidan during the events of the Burning Crusade, to attack a legion world.
        • Playable by Blood and Night elves only. Have their own starting zone
        • Two specs: Havoc(DPS) and Vengeance(Tank). Uses Demonic Fury as a resource. Wears leather armor, and have their own unique weapon class: Glaives. Can DOUBLE JUMP!!
      • New PVP honor system
        • Conquest system is going away
        • PVP talent tree, to keep PVE and PVP balancing separate
      • Artifact weapons
        • You will not loot weapons in Legion
        • 36 artifacts- one for each specialization. Ashbringer, Doombringer, and a host of new weapons!
        • Each weapon will have its own unique quest, and will have its own trait system, reminiscent of the old talent system.
        • Each weapon will have around 5 unique skins, and earned through various means. They can be transmogged to look like other weapons, but not the other way around
        • You will empower you weapon throughout the entire expansion
        • One example: Frost death knights will return to Icecrown Citadel to collect the shards of Frostmourne, to forge them into new weapons!
      • Class order halls:
        • Classes band together, with the player being the leader, great focus on class identity. Each class has their own specific location.
        • NOT garrisons 2.0, no real follower system. Instead, will focus on a few elite heroes that will enhance your experience


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