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#250 – Missing Sock

We made it to 250! For our milestone episode, the crew is especially disgusting this evening and we bring along KT of The Edge Podcast for the ride! We discuss lots of Blizzard news, have our usual Bacon news, and read some community Foffs and haikus! Enjoy!

Show News

Bacon News

Geek & Random News

  • Harry Potter gets a sequel! Sort of….
    • A play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be set immediately after the Deathly Hallows.
    • Will premiere in the summer of 2016, in London’s West end Palace Theater
    • J.K Rowling is also partnering with Warner Bros to create another Film in the Harry Potter universe, called Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. A film based on the book by the same name, it will focus on the magical creatures of the Harry Potter universe. Also set to be released in 2016.
  • Frozen ‘poo bomb’ crash lands through roof!

Gaming News

  • Blizzard launches its own Esports division
  • Blizzard launching voice chat client
      • The system itself will be based in the client itself
      • Being launched with overwatch, will be made available to all games at a later date.
      • Future build of the launcher has references to Vivox, produces voice chat for games like Eve, World of Tanks, The Elder Scrolls Online, Second Life & more
  • Valor Upgrades – Don’t Call it A Combeback
    • Upgrading an item costs 250 Valor for +5 item levels.
    • Hellfire Citadel items, Dungeon loot, Baleful items, and crafted items can each be upgraded twice, costing a total of 500 Valor for +10 item levels.
    • There is no hard weekly cap on Valor, but the sources of Valor are inherently not infinitely repeatable.
    • Valor can be earned in the following ways:
      • Mythic Dungeon (Valor awarded with dungeon completion, once per dungeon per week) – 300 Valor Points
      • Complete the weekly Event quest from Seer Kazal (Pet Battle Event excluded) – 500 Valor Points
      • Heroic Dungeon (complete your first random Heroic of the day) – 100 Valor Points
      • Raid Finder wing (once per week per wing) – 150 Valor Points for Hellfire Citadel wings, 75 Valor Points for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry wings



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