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#252 – Cho’Gall Bang

The hosts return for episode 252, fully recovered from their antics in Anaheim (well, at least Cer and Xia’s antics!)  Lots of discussion regarding the Legion expansion this episode, as well as a lively Foff session (lively may be putting it lightly!) Enjoy!

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Gaming News

  • Blizzcon Review:
  • Warcraft Movie Trailer:
    • Initial thoughts? Did the trailer live up to the hype? Both sides seeking peace?
    • Featured demon infused orcs(green), and regular orcs(brown), and even Thrall as a baby. Gryphons and Frostwolves look amazing!
  • World of Warcraft: Legion
    • Trailer:
    • Being released on or before September 21, 2016, pre-purchase comes with a level 100 boost, will be able to level a demon hunter in their starting zone before full release
    • Price is $49.99 for Standard $69.99 for digital deluxe (comes with mount, pet in game), mount in HotS, Wings in d3 and SC2 Portraits, nothing for Hearthstone or Overwatch?
    • Is a year without new content too long?
    • Four leveling zones, can be done in any order, they scale with the player.
    • You will need to be level 70 to play a demon hunter.
    • Transmog system expanded: shirts, tabards, and weapon enchants now available for Transmog. Hiding shoulders now allowed!
    • Karazhan making a comeback in 7.1, potentially as a dungeon.
    • Gnome hunters!
  • Overwatch:
    • Release for spring 2016. Overwatch, $40 for PC includes all of the heroes. Overwatch origin edition $60 for PC, Xbox, PS4, for all the heroes and, some bonus skins.
    • New heroes,, Mei, Genji.
    • No support for macs.
  • Heroes of the Storm
    • More than 200 characters on the list of potential characters
    • Lunara, King Genn Greymane, and Cho’Gall are the three new heroes.
    • Cho’gall will be given to everyone that bought the blizzcon virtual ticket, controlled by 2 players. Can be unlocked by everyone else by playing games with people who have the character.
    • The Arena is a new mode will let you pick from 3 random heroes, then play on a new small single objective map. The game is shorter and has less restrictions than normal games now.
    • Towers of Doom is the new map, allowing you to destroy enemy towns to take them over and damage the core.
  • Future of Starcraft 2
    • Getting mission packs in late 2016, starting with one developed around nova.
  • Diablo 3
    • New zone – Greyhollow Island, Adventure Mode only.
    • The Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters were expanded for Adventure Mode.
    • Patch 2.4.0 is going to revamp, revisit, or revise nearly every one of the 24 class sets in the game.
    • Set Dungeons – Once you complete and don the full six pieces of any given class set, you’ll receive a clue to track down an ancient dungeon designed just for you and your set.
    • Empowered Rifts, New Legendaries, More Stash Space, Season Journey Revisions, and more!


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