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#315 – RIP Pollen

On Show 315, Ray and Cer discuss Heroes of the Storm 2.0, the next Overwatch reveal, Bacon Thievery, Batgirl, and whats going on with GPSs in the UK, plus the usual shenanigans!

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  • Drawing dicks on GPS
    • People are drawing pictures of penises using city streets and landmarks on GPS’s to raise awareness of testicular cancer.
  • Batgirl Movie directed by….Joss Whedon?!?
    • Batgirl is flying solo. The superheroine is getting her own standalone movie from filmmaker Joss Whedon.
    • Can a sidekick character carry it’s own movie?
  • Heroes of the Storm 2.0
    • Heroes of the storm is being Overwatchified
    • 2.0 Includes a ton of new changes: The level cap is being removed, and for each player level earned, A loot chest is rewarded. Loot chests may include character, skins, voice lines, new announcer packs, sprays, emojis, and banners (flags placed upon player driven events, like mercenary camp captures, or kills). Veterans are rewarded some loot chests retroactively for levels earned, up to a cap of 70 chests, that’s over 250 opportunities for new loot! Chests can be rerolled if you’re not happy with the result, for 250 gold 3 times, increasing by said amount each time.
    • Hero levels caps are being removed as well, you can level one as high as you want, levels are again awarded retroactively for veterans.
    • Many heroes are receiving new hero skins, and many hero skins are being upgraded/reworked.
    • Includes a new Amazon-esque hero from diablo 2, Cassia is an auto-attack ranged focused assassin, who becomes incredibly resilient to auto-attacks while moving.
    • HaSu: I’ve tried out the changes on the PTR, and all of the additions are quite good, loot chests give all players a chance to get access to some awesome skins, and some of the announcer packs, that feature all new voice work are quite well done.


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