Win a Ceraphus “SUNDERcrate”

What is a SUNDERcrate? Well its like a box of cool stuff, but it might not be cool, or it could be awesome! And it probably has to do with The Sundering.  So expect ridiculous stuff, maybe a pun, a joke, but definitely some swag!  So how do you win?  Well this is going to be fun.

Basically make a Ceraphus related achievement or hearthstone card!  You have until August 9th to submit, as August 10th we will be drawing a random entrant.

But I have no artistic ability! Well have no fear, because there is a website that can help you!

Warcraft Achievement Creator: http://achievementgen.com/wow/

Hearthstone Card Maker: http://achievementgen.com/hearthstone/

And here are 2 images you can use to help you out, or feel free to get your own.  Be creative, have some fun!

What do you do once you have them? Well simply post your work up on our forums in the Ceraphus SUNDERcrate Post!

Ceraphus Cer_400x400