Year Long Photo Scavenger Hunt

Each month we will post up a list of themes.  You can take a picture of anything that matches the theme, and submit it to us.  You need to take your own pictures, not just grab something off the internet.

For each successful picture you take we will give you a point.  You can earn an extra 5 points by submitting 5 pictures with The Sundering Logo in the picture, but it still has to match the theme, consider this extra credit.  You do not need to submit a picture for every theme, but you certainly can!

At the end of each month we will award a prize to the person with the most points.  At the end of the year, we will award a huge prize pack!

Email the show your pictures.  In your email please make sure to be clear which picture matches which “theme”.  Also be creative, don’t feel you need to be overly literal with the themes.

We will keep a shared google sheets up to date with current standings!  The monthly winner will be announced on the first show following the end of the month.   In the event of a tie we will do a random roll on  The end of the year award will be pretty big, which will include 60 days WoW Time, $20 J!NX Gift Certificate, and much more!  We will be building a huge prize pack as the year goes on and will keep our site updated with all the details!

Current Annual Prize Pack (Check back often as we add more!)

  1. 60 Days Warcraft Game Time
  2. $20 J!NX Gift Certificate
  3. Warcraft Mount of your choice (Warforged Nightmare excluded) from the Blizzard store
  4. Warcraft Battle Pet of your choice from the Blizzard store
  5. $20 Gift Card
  6. $20 Steam Gift Card

Catch up & earn points for the previous Month Themes! – Earn Points Towards the Annual Prize!  Winner Chosen on January 10th show!

December Prizes

  1. $10 Amazon eGift Card

December’s Themes

For this month, submit 5 pictures of your choice related to Holidays, Winter, Gifts & Friends / Family, come up with your own captions! Only 1 picture can be from in-game! Get creative! Bonus points still apply!

*December submissions are due by 11:59:59 pm ET on December 31st.  Winner Announced on the January 3rd show!


1. Do I need to take my own pictures?  Yes, don’t steal something off the internet

2. Do points accumulate from month to month? Yes, if you earn 10 points in January, and 15 in February, going into March you have a total of 25 towards the annual prize.  But monthly prizes are awarded for only the monthly total.

3. Can I post the pictures and tag you guys on social media? No, we are asking you email them, so we can properly credit you.  Sometimes social media will hide something we are tagged in, we have run across this a few times, and want to make sure we give everyone proper credit.  However in your emails please let us know your social media tags, so we can tag you in the pictures!

4. What if I want to participate but don’t want you sharing my pictures on your site or social media? Just let us know you don’t want us sharing your pictures and we won’t!  You will still get credit!

5. What if I missed the previous months? Won’t I fall behind for the annual prize? Nope! You can submit previous months photo themes for points, but only the current month will earn points toward the current month’s prizes.

6. Can I send in 1 picture for multiple themes? No. 1 Picture per theme!

Eligibility & Rules:

No purchase necessary. This giveaway is only open to residents of the USA and Canada (Void in Quebec) over the age of 18 (sorry folks outside of this area – we feel your heartache for missing out on this amazeballs loot). Void where prohibited. All decisions are final.