The Stoppies are a podcast award started by the awesome crew over at Stopcast!

Go and vote for The Sundering & the crew over at  Most notably please vote for us in the following categories!

Top Honors Categories

  • Best Production – The Sundering
  • Best Supporting Podcaster – Rayfyst
  • Best Male Podcaster – Ceraphus
  • Best Female Podcaster – Xia

Miscellaneous Categories

  • Most Distracted Podcaster – Rayfyst
  • Biggest Douche – Rayfyst
  • Sexiest Voice – Xia
  • Biggest Drunk – Ceraphus
  • Worst Temper – Ceraphus
  • Biggest Ass Kisser – Rayfyst
  • Most Profane – The Sundering
  • Best Rant – Ceraphus (on episode 136, for people who make chococlate chip cookies with chick peas instead) or some other FOFF rant
  • Most Memorable Catchphrase – Xia: “We just want to be inside you”
  • Most Memorable Audio Clip – Xia Droid
  • World of Warcraft Podcast Most Ignored By Blizzard – The Sundering