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#241 – Shots Fired From My Personal Airship

Ray and Ceraphus discuss Bacon Crimes, Nintendo Lootcrates, Kittens, Game Dev Haters, Warcraft Expansion & What we want in the next expansion, Diablo 3 Tributes, Upcoming Starcraft 2 Mods & much more!

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#240 – Grundle Pulp

Holy cow it’s been five years! Episode 240 of The Sundering is an extra special one, as the hosts celebrate putting up with one another for half a decade! Along with our usual gaming news and FoFFs/Props, the hosts discuss their favorite moments from the last five years. Enjoy!

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#235 – Shen Who?

After taking a week off to let everyone process the finale of Game of Thrones, we are back, (no spoilers btw) and we talk about what we have been up to, all the happenings at E3, and the upcoming 6.2 Patch in WoW.  Enjoy!

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#234 – Putting the Try in Tryangle

The gang’s all here for episode 234!  We have a fair amount of Blizzard news to discuss, along with Bacon and show news, your Foffs and Props! We have a particularly funny MadLibs snuck in at the end, and be sure to check out our video show to see how Cer handles bugs in his house. Enjoy!

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#232 – Blow up Uranus

This week we are missing our resident Xia, who is feeling under the weather, so Cer and Ray pick things up with a lot of rage towards the “no flying” announcement by Blizzard, and we discuss if that will change with the uproar.

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#228 – Shower Beer

For episode 228 we are joined by Jason Anarchy, creator of great tabletop games like Drinking Quest & Haiku Warrior! Along with peppering him with questions, we have our usual Foffs/Props and Bacon news. Enjoy!

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#222 – Yin and Yang

This edition of The Sundering features Cer and Ray trying to manage while Xia is out with Fancy Fever, we discuss Bacon News, and the dates of Blizzcon being announced!

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#221 – The Roads are Paved with Cheese

While Cer does his best to marginalize Xia in episode 221, the power of cheese keeps his bacon wrath at bay! For this episode we also talk Blizzard news out of PAX East (we’re especially excited for the Overwatch updates) and have our usual Foffs and Random Questions.  Enjoy!

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#220 – Crybaby Kaiju

Episode 220 features a showdown between an emotional kaiju and a water buffalo — in other words, just your average episode of The Sundering! We also have your Bacon news, Blizzard news, Foffs and Props.  We also announce the winner of our photo contest for February. Enjoy!

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